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St Saviour's Church News

Church Services are held every Sunday morning.  8am 1662 said Holy Communion and 9.45 is Eucharist. There is a Family Service on the second Sunday of every month. There is also a Holy Communion at 11am on the third Wednesday of each month.

We welcome requests for Baptisms & Marriages especially from those living in the Parish or having connections with the Parish.  The same is true for funerals in the church and burials in the well kept and beautiful churchyard.  All these services can be adapted so they fit your family's needs.  Just contact Peter the Rector on 736679 for further information.


Stepping Stones

Since Christmas we have opened our Stepping Stones playgroup for under 4s and their parents and carers. It meets in church every Monday in term time and meets from 10.00 – 11.30am. There is a lovely atmosphere and we get 10 – 20 children and their carers each week: everyone is welcome. Just turn up at the church on the day!

Recent events

Thank you to everyone who made the church look so beautiful for Easter and for Liberation Sunday –and thank you to all who came to the Easter services, we had twice as many people as last year in a lovely atmosphere.

We were delighted to host the 3rd Jersey (St Saviour) Scout Group for their St George’s Day Parade. It was lovely having the church full and there was lots of participation. My thanks go to Hayley and all her fellow leaders for the work they put in to make it happen. The values the Scouts and uniformed organisations uphold, are so important in our society.

In early February we had a service inviting those who had been christened in our church over the years. We had a lovely response with 100 people or so joining: the youngest under 1 and the oldest in their 80s! And we had one lovely family who had 10 children all christened on the same day in the 1980s – and all 10 children came with their mum and dad!

At the end of the month we held a Civic Service inviting all those who in any way work to build up our community – we focussed this first such service on those who worked from the Parish Hall, and Battle of Flowers and Flowers in Bloom. (I know, of course, many people in our large Parish, for instance in Georgetown and Maufant work also to build up community – but we had to start somewhere!)

Someone said to me why hold a Civic Service – lots of people don't go to church or indeed are of different faiths. It's purpose, whatever are personal views on religion, is to honour our parish, to pray for all who serve it and to re-dedicate ourselves to the service of our fellow human beings. We had over 80 people with us representing many aspects of our church life together. It was a real celebration of our Parish and I hope it might become an annual event – an opportunity for the many people who care about our Parish, and work for it to come together.

Upcoming Services

May 2017

Thursday 25th - Ecclesiastical Assembly - St Saviour’s Parish is holding its Ecclesiastical Assembly on the evening of May 25th at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall. In addition to the usual Annual Meeting items, it will consider important proposals to put new lighting into the church and to re-order the inside. The church is very beautiful and 900 years old, but the present lighting is gloomy and makes it very difficult to see some of the architecture and details. The re-ordering aims to keep one half of the church as it is now for formal worship. In the other half the suggestion is to take out the pews. This will give space to develop the Stepping Stones under 4 group, to have an area for refreshments with a servery, and have a place for meetings and displays from, for instance, the local schools. It will also give a place for concerts and meetings. The church and churchyard belong to all who live in the Parish of St Saviour. It is the Parish’s church – and everyone is warmly invited on the night to look at the plans and give their views and vote on the proposals. For further information please contact the Rector, Peter Dyson 736679

Sunday 9th July - at 9.45am we will be hosting artwork displays form Hautlieu school and all who have helped create it – the displays I think will be lovely and anyone who wants to come either to the service or to pop into church the following week to see them, are very welcome.


Sunday 16th July - at 9.45am. I have been accepted as Chaplain to the Jersey Sea Cadets and I am really pleased with that link. They will be parading to St Saviour 9.45am for Sea Sunday service on this date. And all those who have a passion for the sea, sailing and the Navy are especially welcome. Interestingly our churchyard has a number of moving memorials to those who died at sea either saving others, or attempting to escape the Occupation. In addition, three admirals are buried in the churchyard – so perhaps appropriate our church will be hosting the Sea Cadets on this and hopefully other occasions.

 All these services start at 9.45am, last a little over 30 minutes and are followed by refreshments.

Finally just to say your church is there for family occasions, whether they be celebrations or sadnesses. If any parishioner wants to get in touch about christenings, weddings or funerals, I hope you will find a caring welcome from us. 

Any queries please contact the Rector, Peter Dyson, on 736679