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Public Elections


The Public Elections (Jersey) Law 2002 may be viewed on  jerseylaw and is available from the States Greffe.


When is a Public Election held?

A public election is held to elect:

  • the Connétable, Centeniers and Procureurs du Bien Public of each Parish;
  • Senators for the Island and
  • a Deputy or Deputies for each Parish (or for districts within the parish for St Helier, St Brelade and St Saviour).

The Royal Court will set the date for each Public Election. Dates of forthcoming elections will be advertised on the Parish website and also on 

If you meet the criteria you may apply to register as an elector. Complete and return this form to your Parish Hall.

Register as an elector 

An election for one Procureur du Bien Public in each Parish is held every 18 months. The next elections will be on 8 March 2017 and 12 September 2018.

Elections for Centeniers are held every 9 months. The next elections will be on 8 March 2017 and 13 December 2017.

There are two candidates for election as Centenier in the Parish of St Martin and polling day is Wednesday 8 March 2017 from noon to 8 p.m. (vote at the Public Hall, St Martin). Applications for Postal Voting and for a  Pre-Poll Home Visit  should be returned to the Postal & Pre-poll Voting Office, Judicial Greffe, Royal Court House, St Helier JE1 1JG. 

The Parishes of St Brelade and St Saviour are still seeking nominations for Centenier - contact the parish for further information.

Those elected as Centenier will take the oath of office on 10 March 2017. 

Nomination form for candidate for election as Procureur du Bien Public or Centenier

 Elections for 8 Senators, 12 Connétables (one for each Parish) and for 29 Deputies in parishes or parish districts will be held in May 2018 (see 

Can I vote in a Public Election?

You may vote in a Public Election if your name is on the Electoral Register which is used for that election.


How do I add my name to the Electoral Register?

You may add you name to the Electoral Register if you are ordinarily resident in the electoral district and you meet, or within the next 3 months you will meet, the following criteria (but you may not have your name on more than one electoral register at a time):

  • be at least 16 years old; and
  • have been -
    • (A) ordinarily resident in Jersey for the period of at least 2 years up to and including that day [option A]; or
    • (B) ordinarily resident in Jersey for a period of at least 6 months up to and including that day, as well as having been ordinarily resident in Jersey at any time for an additional period of, or for additional periods that total, at least 5 years [option B].

If you meet the criteria you may apply to register as an elector. Complete and return this form to your Parish Hall.

Register as an elector 

A person who has registered up to 3 months in advance of meeting the criteria may only vote from the date they actually meet the criteria.

Use this form to make a Data Subject Access request.


How do I check that my name is on the Electoral Register?

Call your Parish Hall to check that your name is included on the Electoral Register (address/contact details and office hours are on this website).


What if I change my address?

If you change your address you must notify the Parish. Use the change my name or address online service or complete and return the form Notify a change of name or address 

If you are moving away from Jersey you can complete an online form to notify your Parish, States of Jersey departments as well as your GP surgery (only if you want). For more information and the online form please take a look at


Do I have to renew my registration?

Before 1 June each year your Parish will send a 'statement' to every unit of dwelling accommodation. This will show the names of all persons resident at that dwelling that are on the Electoral Register.

If your name is on the statement, ensure your details are correct and sign the statement.

If your name does not appear on the statement, but you meet the criteria to register as an elector, add your name and sign the statement.

If the statement includes the name(s) of person(s) who are no longer resident at the address then cross through the name(s).

The statement must be checked, completed, signed and returned to the Parish by 1 July so the register can be brought up to date.


Is the Electoral Register available for inspection?

A copy of the Electoral Register as at 1 September is available for inspection at the Jersey Library.

The Electoral Register is a 'rolling register'. The copy at the Jersey Library will not contain any changes made since 1 September. To view the current Electoral Register you should contact the Parish Hall.